Lily 💔

Have something to say to me then you can talk to me but I don’t want a reply, I don’t want your excuses and I really don’t want to hear your sob story. I would really appreciate you stop talking to him. He is mine now. He has been for quite a while. Soulmate?? No. Just stop. It is so annoying to hear or see that you try to message him. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t like you anymore. I don’t like how you can just feel like you can text/kik him whenever you want, like I wouldn’t care. Like how you think I wouldn’t know, but I do. It makes me angry to see that and hear about it. You need to give up. I don’t care about you and how you feel anymore, I am angry. I’m done sitting off to the side and watching you think you can guilt him back to you. Stop messaging him. Stop trying to talk to him. Stop because he isn’t going anywhere. He doesn’t want you back. He is with me. Give up and move on. Why do you keep doing this? Do you think that it’s Okay. You can turn this around on me all you want and say that when you and him were a thing I never gave up. But listen, he responded back to me. He talked to me. He liked me. He wanted me. He chose me. He does not want you. I really can’t take it anymore and your pitiful texts and your quote pictures. Stop 👊. It’s not cute. It looks desperate. You can say it’s none of my business but it is. He is my boyfriend. He is my bestfriend. He isn’t in your life and you are not in his. I am part of his life now. So stop acting like you still are.